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Since the founder is allergic to conventional cleaners, we develop our beeta cleaners from beetroot according to the principles of sustainability. Thanks to the use of selected high-efficiency raw materials and the complete avoidance of (eco) toxicologically harmful ingredients, our "beeta cleaners" achieve the perfect balance between optimal cleansing power, ecology and skin tolerance. In addition, we abstain from synthetic fragrances, dyes and preservatives, genetically modified enzymes, petroleum-based substances and animal experiments.

More information in German on Beeta website:

The idea of ​​developing a red beet cleaner comes from Beeta founder's mother, Ilona Parsch. His mother runs a building cleaning company in Sanitz near Rostock. The reason for the invention was simple: she was allergic to the aggressive cleaners. So Ilona Parsch made a virtue out of necessity and developed the first organic cleaner from beetroot.

Similar to rhubarb or sorrel, the juice of beetroot contains a relatively high proportion of natural oxalic acid, whose excellent cleaning effect has been known for a long time. In combination with a deliberate selection of raw materials, eg vegetable tensides and other organic acids, the best cleaning results are achieved even with stubborn dirt.

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