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Roserii's online store was created in 2012 with the aim of offering our dear friends, acquaintances and natural cosmetics enthusiasts interesting brands from different parts of the world. The online store, which started with only 3 brands in the beginning, has now grown tremendously, and thanks to our great partners, we can bring you exceptionally good, natural, perfectly working natural cosmetics, health and Ayurvedic products. We work hard to bring together high-quality eco-products and a conscious customer who appreciates natural products.

The Roserii e-store currently offers exciting brands from Great Britain, France, America, Germany, Italy, India, Switzerland, Austria, Egypt, Latvia and also our small Estonia. We have carefully selected all the cosmetic series in terms of the natural ingredients that make your skin radiant on the inside - refreshing, moisturizing and nourishing, reducing signs of aging and making the skin more vibrant again. The products smell very good, since they do not contain synthetic fragrances, all are derived from nature itself.

In addition to natural cosmetics, we offer a wide range of natural candles, good tea blends, food supplements, eye-catching pocket mirrors, fair trade goods and much more. The selection is constantly expanding!

We are glad that many customers have chosen to purchase their natural products from our shop for their daily beauty rituals!

What are true natural cosmetics?

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Crude vegetable oils, natural waxes, essential oils are a central part of natural cosmetics. Organic and natural cosmetics differ in that they use only ingredients of plant and mineral origin (possibly grown in wilderness or biodynamically), genetically modified raw materials (GMOs) are not allowed, raw materials irradiation and testing on animals is prohibited. Natural substances are well absorbed by the human body, they fight against damage caused by light and weather, improve blood circulation, enhance functioning of the immune system and help to make us more beautiful in most natural way.

In our e-shop you will find everything you need for everyday beauty rituals. There is a wide range of products for face, body and hair for children, women and men. Our priority is to offer 100% clean, organic and very skin-friendly beauty products for the whole family.